Join our Volunteering Program in Nepal to make a meaningful impact on disadvantaged local communities.

 Join Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal)  for real experience of life in Nepal while making a meaningful impact on disadvantaged local communities.

Volunteering with us in Nepal offers a unique opportunity for mutual growth and development. By providing care, knowledge, and love, you will positively contribute to the lives of disadvantaged Nepalese individuals. Simultaneously, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the rich Nepali culture, ethnicity, and purity, fostering personal growth. Additionally, our projects indirectly benefit many local Nepalis, as we have established a school that provides employment opportunities to over a hundred individuals. Join us in the journey of developing Nepal and discovering your own potential.

Volunteers will be immersed in the rich diversity of Nepal, from the towering Himalayas to the warm plains of the Terai region; from the bustling city of Kathmandu to the serene countryside. Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) is a reputable organization with dedicated staff members who ensure that volunteers are well-equipped with necessary skills and knowledge through orientations, language training, and cultural insights. Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) prioritizes the safety and well-being of volunteers, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The volunteer programs offered by Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) are tailored to meet the specific needs, preferences, and interests of each volunteer.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal), along with numerous local Nepali individuals, has established a setting that will greatly benefit volunteers.

  • Making a great contribution to the ongoing development process of Nepal
  • Developing work experience in a marginal society and third world country
  • Developing their personal and life skills
  • Developing a strong understanding of the Nepali people, their language, and their various cultures
  • Enjoying such opportunities as taking part in local festivals, weddings, farming, and visiting different areas in local villages
  • Enjoying the spectacular natural beauty and landscapes of Nepal

 Program Aim

The Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) Volunteer Program is dedicated to supporting the sustainable growth of underprivileged Nepali communities by focusing on projects for children, youth, and women. These initiatives are carried out in collaboration with rural government schools and community-based programs, often kickstarted with the assistance of Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal), volunteers, and local community members. To achieve its goals, the Volunteer Program actively engages in the development of sustainable community projects, with a strong emphasis on promoting awareness of crucial social issues like education, healthcare, sanitation, and environmental conservation. Despite the ongoing efforts of the government and rural NGOs, the pace of community development in Nepal remains sluggish. This underscores the critical need for dedicated volunteers. Many villages in Nepal lack basic sanitation facilities, leading to widespread health challenges such as malnutrition and waterborne diseases. In this context, volunteers play a vital role in empowering communities to tackle these pressing issues.

Volunteers play an active role in establishing sustainable community groups, including youth groups, student groups, and women’s groups. They collaborate closely with partner NGOs who already have expertise and experience in specific areas. Volunteering abroad offers an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional growth, as well as a sense of individual freedom. Volunteering in rural Nepal, in particular, can be a unique and unforgettable experience. It is both enjoyable and personally challenging, and throughout your placement, you will receive support from our highly experienced staff at Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal), who are committed to ensuring the well-being of all volunteers. There are various ways in which you can contribute to the development of Nepal. Each person has their own unique skills and preferences, and our project pages can help you identify where you can make the most impact. It is even possible to work on multiple projects during your time in Nepal. Please refer to the overview below for more information on all our projects.

Teaching at Buddhist monastery in Nepal

Volunteering in the Buddhist Monastery program is tailored for individuals who have a keen interest in religious culture and are willing to teach English at the monastery for a minimum of two weeks or more. VSN Nepal can arrange for longer stays upon request. During their stay, volunteers will spend approximately two to three hours each day teaching English to both young and old Buddhist monks. The monks, in turn, will impart their knowledge and culture to the volunteers. The program also includes meditation sessions and visits to Hindu and Buddhist holy sites.

For the first three days, the volunteer will take intensive language classes, as well as teacher training, every day at the VSN Nepal Office in Kathmandu. The monks will be able to speak both languages, so it is really a matter of the volunteers’ preference; however, most people find Nepali easier to learn. The volunteers will visit holy sites around the Kathmandu Valley. After one week, they will be placed with a host family near the monastery, depending on the availability of a place to stay in the monastery, where they will stay for a total of six weeks or more. This program combines religious research through an experiential approach with volunteer English teaching. Due to the fact that the monks spend their lives inside the monastery, this program provides them with the amazing opportunity to learn English, as well as experience another culture, from an international volunteer.

In Nepal, Buddhism is a way of life. For many people, volunteering in a Buddhist monastery is a way to give back to their community and connect with their religion.

Monasteries in Nepal are often located in remote areas, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Monasteries in remote areas provide volunteers with an opportunity to disconnect from technology and connect with nature. It could be a meditative experience for an individual.

Volunteers typically help with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and gardening. They may also lead or participate in meditation sessions and other religious ceremonies. Volunteering in a Buddhist monastery is a great way to learn about Buddhism and Nepali culture.

In your role as a volunteer English teacher for Buddhist monks in a monastery, your main responsibility will be to instruct the monks in the English language. You will dedicate 2-4 hours each day to teaching English to the monks. You are highly encouraged to facilitate discussions and debates, as this will significantly enhance your proficiency in understanding and speaking English.

Teaching Volunteering in Nepal

Schools in Nepal often face challenges with funding and resources, which impacts the quality of education provided to children. Given the importance of English as a global language, proficiency in English is increasingly essential for career opportunities, academic progress, and overall success. Many Nepali teachers, however, have limited English proficiency themselves, leading to a lack of exposure and practice for students.

Through this program, volunteers engage in teaching conversational English and reading classes in Nepali schools, offering students a chance to enhance their English skills. While formal teaching qualifications are not required to participate, volunteers should possess strong English language skills, enthusiasm, creativity, and patience. The initial days involve observing local teachers and gradually transitioning to supporting and leading classes. Professional teachers or those with TEFL certification can also provide training to local teachers, who often lack formal training and experience.

Children typically fall within the age range of five to 16 years old, with volunteers dedicating three to four hours daily to teaching. Schools operate six days a week, with Saturday designated as a day off. Class sizes vary from ten to fifty students. In Nepal, schools frequently face challenges due to insufficient funding and resources, resulting in English classes being taught by Nepali educators with limited teaching expertise.

As a Teaching Volunteer in Nepal, you may:

  • Teach English, mathematics, environmental science, pure science, international history, computer science.
  • Get involved in organizing activities which encourage the personal development of the students, using their initiative to learn life skills.
  • Assist the local teachers.
  • Form student groups, which allow further educational experiences for the children, with a particular focus on capacity-building. These groups are also useful for disseminating information on children’s rights, sanitation and hygiene, and adolescent health issues through various informal activities such as debates, quiz contests, art competitions, folk song competitions, street dramas, one act plays etc.
  • Focus a great deal of their time teaching groups before and after school.
  • Teach or train the students with art, music, sports, P.E. and other vocational subjects.
  • Run remedial classes for weaker students.

Volunteering for disabilities/Special Education in Nepal

Most of the disabled individuals in Nepal are ignored, neglected and forced to live in dark rooms, because most of the family members of disabled individuals feel shame at having lost the prestige due to them in the community. As a result, they are dying in the same room or bed where they were born. Some of their families’ members may also make them beg on the streets. In these ways the individuals are losing their human rights.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) offers interested volunteers from all over the world a chance to provide great support to the disabled children in Nepal. Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) has established a day care facilities in Kathmandu Valley.

Volunteers stay with a local family, while spending 6 hours a day at the facility.

As a volunteer, you may:

  • typically assist caregivers, and provide more education on care methods where necessary.
  • work with the children to provide assistance with therapy, activity preparation, education on basic health and sanitation, academic assistance, and general care.
  • provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy services.
  • help to plan activities and outings for sightseeing, picnics, cultural sharing, reading stories and promoting a love of reading, conversational English with the children,
  • helping the children with their homework assignments etc. depending on the children’s abilities.
  • provide vocational Training, income Generating Programme, based on experience and skills volunteers
  • Oganize recreational Activities-Audio-Visual aids, play, music and games.

Construction and renovation Volunteering in Nepal

Most of the schools in rural in Nepal consist of four wooden poles supporting a thatched roof. No blackboard. No desks. Few books. Open toilets, no proper classrooms, no playgrounds, no libraries, not
even drinking water.

In order to address the lack of basic educational infrastructure Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) has been working hard to provide needy schools and health posts with volunteers who are ready to help construct basic infrastructure and implement other desperately needed improvements. Projects are usually funded by local communities and volunteer contributions. As a volunteer in the Construction Volunteering Program you will work as part of a volunteer team, usually with minimal supervision. Often you’ll also work alongside villagers, learning about traditional methods of building and working. After completion of the construction project, volunteers who wish to stay for longer periods may participate in our other volunteer programs e.g. teaching in schools, health, community education and environmental programs, working in orphanages or as a part of the cultural exchange program.

Volunteers will be led by skilled Nepali and will work together with local people. Individual construction programs last between one and three weeks. Everest Foundation Nepal arranges the location and logistical support, including skilled manpower, food and accommodation, training, etc.

After completion of the construction project, volunteers who wish to stay for longer periods may participate in our other volunteer programs e.g. teaching in schools, health, community education and environmental programs, working in orphanages or as a part of the cultural exchange program.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) requests you to raise additional minimum USD250 individually to purchase construction materials and hiring local professional builders. The amount will be expended directly at the construction site.

Health Care Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) is playing an active role in linking rural Nepali people with experienced medical and health personnel from both Nepal and around the world. The Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) Health Program mobilizes volunteers experienced in medical and health areas, to rural places where the government is unable to provide a formal health institution. Many rural Nepali people are often reluctant to go to the hospital and other modern health services because of orthodox thinking, superstition and other cultural influences. Some Nepali people may visit faith-healer or witch doctor when they suffer from illness, so they sometimes die as a result of avoiding modern medications. By living and working with rural communities, Health Program volunteers also increase the exposure of rural Nepali people to modern medicine.

Though Nepal has made rapid strides at improving the healthcare of the country, the system is still short of desirable. In remote and poorer areas, many people have no access to healthcare and those with access receive substandard treatment. Unfortunately, there is an extreme lack of doctors, nurses and medical facilities and as a result, Nepal has one of the lowest life expectancy rates. In addition, many people suffer from preventable and treatable diseases. If you are a medically trained professional or a student, volunteer in the medical/healthcare project in Nepal and provide proper treatment to locals, drastically changing their lives for the better. This is the perfect project to gain international and professional experience while providing you and those you help with an enriching, productive and meaningful experience.

In this program, trained and experienced health volunteers will be assigned to Working in Health Post/ Health Clinic/ Hospital/ Polyclinics either being run by the government or a local community, in rural or urban settings. Placement of volunteers in these health institutions will increase the capacity of Nepali health workers to provide better medical facilities when doctors and experienced medical personnel are not available. Those health workers in the rural areas have very little knowledge on health Care system. Volunteers will work for 5-6 hours each day, 6 days a week. But, the volunteers who want work in urban areas they will be working with medical doctors and those doctors have better knowledge and skill about health care and they also have good English language skills.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) encourages all interested experienced medical and health personnel, including students, professionals, organizations, associations and other groups to join the Health Program and make a lasting contribution towards supporting needy Nepali people

Each volunteer in Nepal working in the community health/medical project will have varying responsibilities and tasks and volunteer projects will depend on one’s qualifications and certifications as a medical professional. Duties may include:

  • Helping with routine check-ups
  • Assisting in the lab
  • Carry health check- up programs at local schools, orphanages, women’s group, disable centers and community groups
  • Providing basic first aid and care
  • Shadowing health workers, therapists, nurses or doctors
  • Working with organization administrations
  • Helping in the pharmacy
  • Recording patient details
  • Measuring vital signs such as blood pressure, height, weight
  • Distributing medicines
  • Assisting with medical procedures
  • Helping incoming patients
  • Performing and assist in the in-day emergency room
  • Partnering with local doctors
  • Qualified doctors can diagnose and treat patients
  • Organize health related training for local health workers
  • Carry out health and sanitation awareness in the local schools
  • Get involved in working with the youth clubs, women’s groups, and other local organizations, teaching them about proper health and sanitation.
  • Conduct First-Aid training to the local people in rural villages, thereby providing them with a practical and sustainable life-skill.
  • Conduct First Aid courses to children in schools, lasting from several days to a week in duration. .
  • Trained and experienced health volunteers may organize health camps in rural areas where there is no health facility at all for between two and five days. Health Volunteers will work alongside their Nepali counterparts to examine patients, distribute medicine and consult with communities about sanitation and health care.

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks volunteering in Nepal

This program is designed for people who are interested in religious culture, to teach English in one monastery for a period of two months or more. Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) can provide longer stays upon request. Volunteers will teach English to the monks, both young and old, for around two to three hours per day. In turn, the monks will share their knowledge and culture with the volunteers. Meditation practice, as well as field trips to Hindu and Buddhist holy sites, will be included in the program.

For the first one week, the volunteer will take intensive language classes, as well as teacher training, every day at the Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal), in Kathmandu. The monks will be able to speak both languages so it is really a matter of the volunteers’ preference; however, most people find Nepali easier to learn. the volunteers will visit holy sites around the Kathmandu Valley. After one week, they will be placed in a host family near to the monastery depending on the availability of place stay in the monastery, where they will stay for a total of six weeks or more. This program combines religious research, through an experiential approach, with volunteer English teaching. Due to the fact that the monks spend their lives inside the monastery, this program provides them with the amazing opportunity to learn English, as well as experience another culture, from an international volunteer.

As a volunteer in Nepal teaching English to Buddhist monks in a monastery, you will primarily work as English instructors to the monks. You’ll teach English to monks for 2-4 hours a day. You are encouraged to hold discussions and debates as this will greatly increase the ability grasp and speak English. Daily activities may include:

  • Teaching English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Planning lessons and curriculum development
  • Leading classes to teach basic conversational English
  • Organizing extracurricular activities such as dancing, games, music, sports, art, etc.
  • Helping monks with their homework
  • Assisting monastery administrations
  • Fundraising for the monastery
  • Helping around the monastery

Note: in addition to teaching, you’ll also be allowed to sit, observe and learn about the rituals, prayer ceremonies and meditations inside the monastery and learn about Buddhism from the monks.

Volunteering for empowering women in Nepal

Women are traditionally not educated and kept illiterate, increasing their financial dependency and keeping them unaware of their basic human rights in Nepal. A number of laws also discriminate against women’s citizenship, inheritance rights, divorce rights, and even by meting out minimal to no punishment against their physical or sexual abusers. The recent conflict has only added to the problem, causing many fathers and husbands (on whom women were dependent) to be killed or disappeared and making it more difficult for women to seek justice and enforcement of the few protections they do have under the law.

Women and girls are discriminated against both socially and legally in Nepal. Socially and traditionally especially in remote rural areas, child labor (especially of girls), domestic abuse, and in some remote areas even sexual exploitation are socially accepted norms. The Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) has established a Women’s center where 35 women attend the program on a regular basis.

Who would I teach and when?

You will be teaching disadvantaged young and elderly Nepalese ladies during the day time.

What programs are currently in place?

Teaching of English language and Computer knowledge to the women is one of the most effective program taking place at the Center for short term volunteers from overseas. Volunteers can create and deliver comprehensive Spoken English and Computer lesson, though Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) has provided several reference books. The classes are divided into three categories- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Skill training programs using local resources and local materials which contribute to sustainable resource use and economic development of the community also take place at the center. Examples of skill training programs offered include sewing, weaving methods, tailoring, beautician training, paper making, retail shop running, animal-raising, toy-making, and other small business products training or marketing. Currently a well trained Nepali trainer is providing full time cutting & sewing training to the women at the center.

As a Women Empowering Volunteer, you may:

  • Teach Basic English reading and writing skills
  • Teach them mathematics and accounting skills
  • Teach them basic computer education
  • Hold workshops, classes, training to interact about women right and health issues
  • Organize fun activities
  • Plan and implement tour and recreational program
  • Organize games
  • Introduce new products and training programs.
  • Organize women’s health check up program

Child Care Volunteering in Nepal

The high mortality rate for mothers during childbirth, as well as the short life expectancy in general, leaves thousands of children without parents each year. The high mortality rate for mothers during childbirth, as well as the short life expectancy in general, leaves thousands of children without parents each year.

 As a result, most of these needy children are deprived of education and find work as child laborers in restaurants, factories, hotels, slaves, and as trash collectors. These disadvantaged children need attention, love, care, and the opportunity to further their education. Orphanages provide these kids with daily meals, a bed, and some hope.

Volunteering at childcare Center Nepal is a really great opportunity to experience the obstacles and rewards of serving helpless people. Volunteers will be placed either in orphanages or host families near to the orphanages, where they will spend most of their time with the children, assisting them in their day-to-day routines.

The children are mostly between the ages of four and fifteen and have a basic understanding of English. The general role of the volunteer will be to act as an older sibling: to care for, look after and encourage the children. Volunteers will teach the children general life skills, including health and sanitation, as well as arts, crafts and music.

As a Volunteer at childcare Center, you may:

  • Help the children with their schoolwork and homework
  • Take children to their schools
  • Organize tours to various places on their vacations
  • Play games
  • Teach drawing classes
  • Have fun organizing singing, dancing and painting
  • Organize other activities that children enjoy.
  • Help at kitchen to cook food, cleaning, washing the dishes

Film and Photography

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) is looking for volunteer to take photographs and films which can be used in promotional activities for the charity portfolio, fundraising and marketing. Volunteers will be involved in capturing images and film of the local people, area and lifestyle and the activities that Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) has been implementing.

Volunteers get involved in working directly with the young people at the street children’s center, orphanage and women’s center. Volunteers can share their skills with the local children by working with other volunteers to create plays, shows and short films with the children which they thoroughly enjoy being part of! The interaction with volunteers naturally improves the children’s English.

Photographs and film are incredibly valuable since they provide a direct link between the community and supporters and help the charity to document donations and grants. Volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to our Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) and VSN charity blog and cover issues such as news updates, community development, travel and volunteering.

Film and Photography volunteering in Nepal: What will I be doing?

Volunteers usually work five days per week for around four hours per day. Volunteers are able to get involved with child care, sports coaching and creative arts roles within the Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) Project area too.

You will work with the volunteer manager in Nepal as well as independently to capture images and clips. To volunteer you will need your own equipment and self- motivation for this volunteer placement.

Volunteers spend afternoons at the orphanage and during the day volunteer at child care centres or schools or women’s resource center.

Volunteers receive a Nepali language lesson in their first week in Nepal. There will usually between 2 and 5 other Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) volunteers in Kathmandu at the same time as you, though there may be less or several more. You can also combine volunteer placement with our orphanage, teaching in School, construction, projects which are based in the same location

Content Writing and Social Media Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) is looking for Content Writing and Social Media Volunteer / Intern to develop and promote volunteering and internship activities in order to attract interested participants from all over the world to have an amazing time and an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth and development which can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, personally challenging and adventurous.

The content writing and social media volunteer or intern with marketing and / or advertising experience to help promote our mission, market our varied projects and programs, liaison with advertisers, create and maintain links with other organizations. It is preferable someone who is web savvy and has communication skills. Volunteers having experience with Facebook, Twitter, online blogging, marketing and / or advertising, great personal and written communication skills, cultural sensitivity and awareness, international experience, attention to detail and indefatigable determination experience with web, print marketing, advertising and good writing skills and the ability to create interesting articles are welcome to join this program.

Teacher Trainer volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) offers the opportunity for qualified teachers and education experts to come in Nepal and train the school staff in more advanced methods. This can be done through general teaching skills coaching for all school staff, or if you have subject specific expertise this can also be used more directly within a department.

Teaching methods can be very backwards, often focusing solely on repetition from text books. Nepali teaching is desperately lacking in innovation and the pupils rarely get introduced to concepts like lateral thinking. International and qualified teachers bring a new lease of life to teaching methods and the Nepali teachers, having a huge effect on the overall success of the children. Qualified teachers can also help the school establish frameworks for discipline, reward, communication with parents, management, special needs support and gifted children programs.

What work does a teacher trainer volunteer do?

At the beginning of your stay you will work closely with the Principal or Academic Head of the school to establish where there is most need for teacher training and support. From here you will be expected to use your own initiative to build a framework for providing teacher training and helping the school run more effectively.

As a volunteer teacher Trainer, you may:

  • Develop training plans alongside our teachers trainers
  • Carry out professional needs assessment of school teachers, directors and supervisors
  • Promote active teaching and inclusive education through workshops, demonstration lessons, observations and team teaching
  • Demonstrate simple, multi-use, easy-to-use teaching aids to groups of teachers and working with individuals on this

Teaching at Deaf School volunteering in Nepal

With each volunteer opportunity, individual experiences differ based on expectations, desires, personal background, etc… Working at the Deaf School not only allows you to make an important contribution to the education of the students, but also provides opportunities to gain knowledge about the deaf community in Nepal and learn Nepali Sign Language. Contrary to popular belief Sign Language is not universal. Each country has its own Sign Language. In fact, even within a country signs may differ from region to region, much like an accent or dialect. Currently there are 182 different Sign Languages including dialects and sign systems. Within Nepal, Sign Language is relatively new. Given that 24.6% of the population in Nepal is deaf, and most live in rural areas without access to education or Sign Language training, it is difficult for deaf students to get a proper education. Even at deaf schools there is no curriculum designed for deaf students. However, deaf students are eager to learn and warmly welcome a chance to improve their skills, especially in reading and writing in English. When working at the school it is possible to teach many different subjects or skills from English to art to dance.
If you are choosing to work at the deaf school, you must be patient, friendly, willing to learn Nepali Sign Language, and be willing to enter a completely different world of signs and silence. Teaching there can be a challenge due to the languages being used (English, Sign Language, Nepali, and any other language you bring as a volunteer). However, it can be a wonderful opportunity to work closely with the deaf community, help the students improve their skills, and also grow individually as you learn a new way to think is a world without sound.

  • Motivate teachers to undertake action research, localize the curriculum and produce local teaching materials

Gap Year Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) offers a remarkable insight into a land of beautiful mountains, ancient traditions and secrets of enlightenment. For the real explorer Nepal is the perfect gap year destination, with its spectacular Himalayan peaks alluring adventurers for centuries! As a gap year volunteer in Nepal you will contribute to long-term projects in Nepal which focus on creating opportunities for the next generation.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) warmly welcomes you to spend your Gap Year in Nepal with us. Our gap year in Nepal programs offer a unique travelling experience anyone who is seeking an ideal gap year programs. Nepal is becoming a very famous destination for gap year adventures like trekking, rafting, jungle safari etc. As a gap year traveler, you will have a chance to enjoy these adventure programs as well, while you visit Nepal. If you choose traveling to Nepal with Everest Foundation Nepal on your gap year, we have various gap year volunteering travel opportunities where you will have a chance to enjoy amazing cultures and exciting gap year volunteer opportunities in Nepal with Volunteer Society Nepal and you will be able to volunteer in Nepal for doing manual work, teaching Buddhist monksteaching programs, volunteer in Nepal Orphanage to work with children and work in various other Community aid Projects in Nepal.

We believe that Gap Year Volunteer work in Nepal with Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal); will give a chance for you to make a real difference by Volunteering in Nepal! We have different Gap year Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal, available for you! You can choose the project that you would like to do during your Gap Year volunteering program in Nepal. You can start your Gap year volunteering Nepal Program, on any date of your choice throughout the year! The program is from 2 weeks up to 20.

  Adult Gap Year In Nepal

 Volunteer in Nepal whether you are 17 or 70 years old

Who says GAP years are just when you leave school?

One of the common misconceptions about volunteering abroad is that you will be in a group of very young people. It is true that many of the large volunteering organizations target the ‘GAP year’ pool of school and university leavers. However, at Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) we have placed volunteers from the age of 17 to 76!

Make the most of your time after the kids have left home

We often find that when people retire or their children leave home they are suddenly left with lots of time to spare. This is the ideal time to come volunteering in Nepal. We find that the varied experiences some of our older volunteers bring with them not only helps hugely with their interactions with Nepalis, but also allows them to share it with our younger volunteers.

Older volunteers bring valuable life experience

Many of our more senior volunteers bring with them real world business experience, first hand child care experience, teaching expertise and often top medical knowledge as well. In the past we have also had parents coming with their adult or young families. By all accounts the bonding of working in a different environment such as Nepal is a memorable bonding experience.

So why not Volunteer in Nepal?

Whether you are a grandparent, have just retired, or want to do something special with your family, you will be warmly welcomed in by Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal). If you would like to speak to some of our older volunteers then you can contact them.

Family volunteering program in Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) offers a family volunteering program. This program is a great way for families to get closer. This is the best way to combine all the efforts on a community development project and explore a new country, a new culture, and a new place.

Our trip is secure and safe to include your teenage child and provides to all ages and tastes. Today children have developed a new perspective all together. They don’t find normal vacations revolving in hotel stays and visit to tourist places all that exciting. In fact they are always on hunt to do something new and different from the others. So the best option is to make your family participate in family volunteer vacations. Your children also get to learn the importance of community, compassion, consideration for others practically, which is very difficult to make them learn else. Although you can indulge yourself in offering voluntary services locally with helping the less fortunate people, voluntary overseas gives you the golden opportunity to dive deep into foreign culture, enrich your family, strengthen your bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We shall advice you to write out plans together as it helps a lot. As you research and discuss volunteer projects and programs you get to know preferences of your children and pull their interest in their preferred areas like animal conservation, indigenous cultures, or community development.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) has discovered some specific destinations in Nepal which are highly rich in culture and are blessed with natural beauty. But among these beauties and pleasure there also exists some vulnerable sections and communities that are longing for help. All participants have their full liberty to give in their contributions as little as they want. Children’s are incorporated in the projects where ever appropriate and made to work side by side with team and community members. The typical projects include teaching English, working in orphanages, refurbishing community buildings, conservation and many more.

Group Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is highly appropriate and recommended destination for teenagers, high school students, university students, seniors over 50s, corporate groups, friends from clubs and institutions also who eager to volunteer and travel in group. We provide group opportunities up to 20 participants at once in different various activities.

Whether you are looking to arrange volunteering trip or internship trip for students, your colleagues or simply a group of friends, we have experience of tailoring various programs. Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) offers a wide range of volunteeringInternshipsummer programscombined volunteering and charity tour and trek opportunities year round. They match each participant’s expertise, interests and skill set with the needs of the programs.

The great thing about working in a group is the amount of work you can accomplish in a small space of time. Often we find school or clubs raise money back in the home country and then come out to get involved in the implementation of their chosen project.

Pre-Medical Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) offers Pre-medical Nepal. This program provides students with three main opportunities: to Help those less fortunate, to Learn first-hand knowledge about the medical field, and to Discover the amazing diversity of Nepal.

If you are in college, studying biology, chemistry or any of the sciences and are considering a career in medicine this is the ideal program for you. You’ll never have a better opportunity to see what life as a healthcare professional will be like and get up-close and personal with the workings of a hospital. There is no better way to boost your application to medical school than participation in this program.

You will be able to receive an incredible opportunity to observe all facets of medicine in a Kathmandu Hospital with English-speaking doctors. You will get experience in x-ray, laboratory, dental, eye-care, emergency, pre and post-operative, OB/GYN and the surgical theatre. Make daily rounds with doctors who will engage you in the diagnostic process and treatments. This will look great on your medical school application.

In addition to rotating through departments of the hospital, it includes the emergency, OGGYN. Radiology, laboratory, in-patient, pharmacy and out-patient departments, you can actually scrub in and observe surgery with doctors who are willing to explain to you, step-by-step, what they are doing and why.

There is no way to impart the long-term impact of participation in this program. It will be truly life changing. It’s the best way we know of to boost that medical school application as well. Few students will be able to list participation in such a comprehensive program in a developing country.

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