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Welcome to CCID Nepal

We are a non-governmental, nonprofit, non-religious, and nonpolitical organization registered with the Nepal Government, Kathmandu District Administration Office, and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

We Give Physically and Mentally Underprivileged Disabled Children A Helping Hand

Disabled individuals in Nepal are ignored, neglected, and forced to live in dark rooms because most of the family members of disabled individuals feel shame at having lost their prestige due to them in the community. As a result, they are dying in the same room or bed where they were born. Some of their family members may also make them beg on the streets. In these ways, the individuals are losing their human rights.

We believe that every individual to be given equal opportunities in life regardless of their circumstances. It is our expectation that our practice and work reflect our beliefs and value and we strive to provide the best services possible to those we serve.

Our Mission

We are a Nepali-conceived and run small organization that uses local and international resources to safeguard the health and well-being of physically and mentally underprivileged disabled children and offers them education, shelter, food, and vocational tools to enable them to run their lives smoothly in Nepali society 

👉Empowering disabled children through comprehensive support.

👉Providing education, shelter, and vocational tools for independence.

👉Ensuring health and well-being for underprivileged children.

We believe in

Those disadvantaged and marginalized people can have a fulfilling future with proper help and support.

Every Child's hope can be rekindled by everyone’s unique contributions.

Proper nutrition, education, pure drinking water, decent sanitation, and good health care are the foundation on which all future efforts must be built.

Our services

Our services for children with disabilities help them to live a better life.Join us in our journey to provide a better life for children with disabilities.

Join us to volunteer in Nepal

Come and join us to experience real life in Nepal while making a meaningful contribution to disadvantaged local communities.

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